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My name is , and I am a Lecturer in Atmospheric Science in the Department of Geological Sciences at Indiana University. I have taught courses in atmospheric fluid dynamics, severe weather, and introductory weather and climate, among others.

As part of my Lecturer appointment, I have become much more interested in science pedagogy and in active learning techniques. The phrase "flipped classroom" is very jargony, but carries with it important meaning for how we construct our classrooms and what we must expect of our students. I hope to work much more in this area in the future.

I completed my Ph.D. at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, working with Dr. Bill McCaul and Dr. Kevin Knupp on understanding the behavior of convective storms. Analzying a large set of (200+) numerical simulations, we studied how storm behavior is influenced by background environmental conditions.

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Present research and interests

  • Morphology and dynamics of simulated deep, moist convection
  • Climatology of high-impact weather phenomena
  • Numerical weather prediction (NWP) and its use in operational forecasting
  • LP Supercell
    Previous venues and work
    2012-2013: Visiting Assistant Professor at IU, Department of Geography
    2010-2011: Postdoctoral Fellow at UCAR/COMET in Boulder, Colorado
  • Development of NWP training modules for operational forecasters and students
  • Creation of an online course in tropical synoptic meteorology
  • Applied research using the WRF modeling system
    2005-2010: Supported by Dr. Kevin Knupp (UAH)
  • Grant for tornado and hurricane research from the NOAA Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR).
    2002-2005: The Convection Morphology Parameter Space Study, or COMPASS, an NSF-sponsored research grant.
  • Additional Pursuits
    (Derivations, GIS consulting, Qualifying Exam, National Science Olympiad, Visualization)

    Important software packages and tips
    (Gri, GrADS, Metapad, Digital Atmosphere, LaTex, programming)

    Contact, notes, and future changes

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